Embracing the EKKO Lifestyle: Our Ownership Journey

Embracing the EKKO Lifestyle: Our Ownership Journey

It began with the desire to transcend from the primitive build of our sprinter van to the quest for new comforts and desires that would align with our lifestyle changes. 

With pen, paper, and a list in hand, we scoured the internet, exploring every available option. As the days turned to months, I started to wonder if we’d ever find that perfect blend of comfort, size, and amenities. Did the RV even exist or were my expectations set too high? 

Finding the Ideal RV for Our Travel Style

After about six months of RV shows, exchange of dealer emails, and exhausted internet searches, I’d just about given up. Then out of nowhere, Michelle found the perfect fit and there it was – the EKKO emerged, meeting our needs. Soon earning its title as our trusty companion, fondly known as “Bad Betty.” 

Off to Kentucky we headed with only a few pictures and a video, a leap of faith as they say. Twenty-four hundred miles later, Bad Betty found her way home, and the rest would unfold in ways we couldn't imagine.

As we became more acquainted with our travel companion, the more we wanted to share our adventures and stories in hopes to inspire others. This became the launch of our YouTube channel. We took to the road as much as possible, clocking nearly 38,000 miles in just over a year and a half. Learning and sharing all we could with other EKKO owners and those seeking information.

Gone were the days when the vision of beach-ready vehicles basking in the sunset, serenaded by crashing waves, was just a distant dream. Now, it was our reality. Picture this: a confident and capable RV navigating the beach, extending its awning, bringing the comforts of home to the shoreline, and witnessing the sun gracefully descend into the ocean waves. We were no longer mere spectators; we were now part of the scene.

What We Love About Adventuring in the Winnebago Ekko

With our all-wheel-drive EKKO, we began exploring diverse terrain, forestry roads, often snow-covered, and overlanding paths typically navigated only by equipped vehicles. Trips to the mountains for snowboarding and snowshoeing in comfort and style soon became a regular occurrence. Knowing that we could easily retreat to our EKKO to refuel as needed with the warm and welcoming interior, we felt as if we had our own mobile lodge. 

The off-grid capabilities and four-season build opened up new realms of exploration. No longer constrained by climate or onboard resources, we ventured into sub-zero camping with ease. Regardless of our location, climate or the road we traversed, Bad Betty ensured no night was too cold and no day too warm. The Truma heating system and ducted A/C kept us comfortable.

Our meals evolved into culinary masterpieces with the help of our onboard kitchen amenities. No longer burdened with lugging propane tanks in and out as we did in our previous rig, the outside quick-connect LP port provided convenient access to fire up our Trail Fire Grill on demand. After adventurous activities such as hikes, watersports, and demanding days of exploration, recovery and rest became essential.

The hybrid-style bathroom, commonly known as a dry/wet bath, enhanced our end-of-day experience. We now enjoyed a genuine separation of the shower, sink, and toilet—an uncommon find in a vehicle of this size. The pivoting wall cleverly transforms the space when swung to one side, revealing the sink and toilet, and then closes off to create a spacious shower with on-demand hot water.

As each day concluded, the EKKO effortlessly welcomed us with a comforting embrace. Unlike the days of deflating air mattresses, setting up cots, and foam pads, we now eagerly look forward to a restful night's sleep.

Personalizing "Bad Betty" - Our EKKO Mods

The yearning to venture further off the well-trodden trails grew more exhilarating. As our appetite for exploration widened, Bad Betty's exterior underwent a transformation, acquiring a personality of its own. Enhanced with suspension upgrades and modifications for all-terrain tires, the AWD capabilities became even more formidable. 

The addition of the CAtuned Off-Road front bumper equipped us to take on any challenge. Having this robust recovery point, we found ourselves confidently assisting others in various situations—from rescuing trucks, cars, and vans alike, to tackling unexpected challenges on the road.

Showcasing the EKKO Lifestyle in an Action-Packed Photo Shoot

As our experience with the EKKO expanded, our circle of friendships and connections with other EKKO owners also grew. When a friend's Facebook message unveiled the chance to participate in the grand unveiling of the new Winnebago EKKO Sprinter, we promptly submitted our application. After a few weeks, to our surprise, an email arrived with the green light—the "lifestyle shoot" adventure was officially underway! Subsequent online meetings, emails, and phone calls solidified the exciting next chapter.

We loaded up and hit the road to Prineville, OR. Armed with fishing poles, tackle, hip waders, our trusty Trail Fire Grill, and some props, we were prepared and ready to meet the new EKKO and team.

Arriving at the hotel in Prineville, the new EKKO Sprinter, which couldn't be ignored, stood bold and confident. It was as if our EKKO “Bad Betty” had a long-lost big sister. We quickly parked and I found myself exploring the new EKKO. Michelle had to practically drag me away, signaling the beginning of our behind-the-scenes adventure and an unforgettable opportunity to partake in the release of the new EKKO Sprinter.

Settling in, we met with the team, we would spend the next three days building the story of what would be the next generation of the EKKO. Art Director Preston met us in the lobby, with a storyboard and agenda, a man on a mission. The Film crew, aptly named "Chess Fight," made a grand entrance with an impressive array of camera gear, infectious smiles, and warm introductions.

The following days commenced with early wake-up calls at 4:30 a.m., propelling us into action pre-sunrise. Armed with coffee in one hand, the EKKO keys in the other, and a backpack full of gear and clothing, we loaded up. We followed Preston and the Chess Fight film crew, as they led the way in the “Pilot Truck.” The pre-sunrise mornings soon turned into a full day of adventures blending into the evening's sunsets. The picturesque settings and landscape of the Crooked River, BLM land, waterfront campgrounds, and canyons set the stage for the EKKO to be seen in its natural habitat. 

What unfolded over the next few days was a whirlwind of adventures, brimming with action shots, still captures, off-road adventures, video, and photo shoots—each moment crafted to showcase why the EKKO transcends the ordinary definition of an RV.

By now, the EKKO had transformed from what the team perceived as a typical RV into a spirited companion for the team. Laughter, camaraderie, and a contagious "let's do it" attitude prevailed. The EKKO surpassed all expectations of the crew, and we were living the moment to its fullest. It was all too familiar to us given our history with our own EKKO.

Looking back at our Winnebago EKKO lifestyle shoot, it surpassed being just a commercial; it showcased the EKKO's versatility to meet any challenge. We still hold fond memories with the team and the Sprinter knowing that the next generation of EKKO is sure to capture the explorer in others. 

As you journey through life's chapters, exploring unconventional paths and searching for your travel companion, take a moment and see if the EKKO might hold the keys to your next adventures. If so, we may just cross paths in the wild.


You can follow along with our journey on YouTube, Instagram (@ekkonesters), or at Adventurenesters.co.

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