How Our Journey Began..

Meet "Bad Betty"

Our journey commenced in Northern Washington, where we stumbled upon our Airstream Argosy, igniting our zest for travel. 

As our family expanded, we transitioned to a Mercedes Sprinter Van, traversing myriad destinations across the Western states. Yet, with evolving needs, we sought a more comfortable and practical option, leading us to the 2022 Winnebago EKKO, affectionately dubbed “Bad Betty,” marking a new chapter of adventures.

Traveling in our Winnebago EKKO blends modern convenience with expansive off-road capabilities, courtesy of the AWD system and the “Bad Betty Package”. From utilizing mobile apps for planning to conducting meticulous pre-road checks, each step ensures a seamless journey ahead. Packing essentials, meal planning, and safety checks are all integral parts of our routine, enabling us to fully immerse ourselves in the present season and explore diverse landscapes, from snowy forests to endless beaches.

More than mere travelers, we are automotive enthusiasts deeply entrenched in the world of vehicles. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, my passion for enriching travel experiences and developing products is deeply personal. 

With a background in product development, including suspension enhancements for RVs, emergency vehicles, automotive accessories, and performance enhancements for cars, we comprehend the myriad expectations placed on vehicles.

After departing the automotive industry and founding a remodeling and design company, we reignited our connection to automotive culture through travel and established the Adventurenesters. 

Collaborating with manufacturers, product developers, and exceptional teams, we bring innovative products to market for vehicles such as Subaru, INEOs Grenadier, Sprinter, Winnebago EKKO, and Ford Transit. Our goal is to encourage others to explore and find new roads and memories. We hope to share our commitment to quality, reliability, and products designed to enhance your travel experience. 

Looking forward to the Adventures ahead.

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