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CAtuned Off-Road 2021+ Ford Transit Skid Plate

CAtuned Off-Road 2021+ Ford Transit Skid Plate

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Introducing our all-new 2021+ Ford Transit Van Skid Plate, the perfect companion for your off-road adventures and designed to be used with our Ford Transit Front Bumper. Crafted with precision using premium 3/16" aluminum, this skid plate offers unmatched protection for your vehicle's undercarriage, ensuring you can conquer any terrain with confidence. What's more, this versatile skid plate is also compatible with Winnebago Ekkos, making it an essential accessory for both Ford Transit owners and Winnebago adventurers.

Designed specifically to complement our Ford Transit Front Bumper, this skid plate seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's aesthetics, enhancing the rugged and adventurous look you desire. The easy installation process ensures a hassle-free upgrade, and the included mounting hardware guarantees a secure fit for your Ford Transit Van or Winnebago Ekko.

Key Features:

  • Premium 3/16" aluminum construction and powder-coated for superior strength and durability
  • Compatible with 2021+ Ford Transit Vans and Winnebago Ekkos
  • Provides essential protection for undercarriage components during off-road adventures
  • Designed to work seamlessly with our Ford Transit Front Bumper
  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware


  • Only compatible with 2021+ Ford Transits and Winnebago Ekkos
  • Contact us for a shipping quote or a shipping quote will be calculated after purchase
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