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CAtuned Off-Road Subaru Outback Platinum Cargo Shelf

CAtuned Off-Road Subaru Outback Platinum Cargo Shelf

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Elevate your Subaru Outback adventures with the CAtuned Off-Road Platinum Cargo Shelf, designed to enhance your journey meticulously. This custom shelf is engineered to fit seamlessly in your Subaru Outback, providing a versatile storage solution that increases your vehicle's capacity without the need for drilling or cutting. It's the ultimate upgrade for Subaru Outback enthusiasts looking to enhance their off-road experiences.


  • Custom Designed for Subaru Outback: Precision-engineered for the Subaru Outback, it ensures a seamless fit that complements your vehicle's aesthetics perfectly.
  • Effortless Installation: The shelf can be installed smoothly, requiring no modifications to your vehicle. It preserves the original factory strap points, ensuring a secure fit and maintaining the integrity of your Subaru Outback.
  • Convenient Slide-Outs: Enhance the accessibility of your gear with easy-to-use slide-out shelves, making your Subaru Outback a true hub for your adventure equipment.
  • Choose Your Finish: Tailor the look of your cargo shelf with two stylish finishes - Raw Aluminum or Powder Coated, to match your personal style and vehicle aesthetics.
  • Polyester Stretch Cord Compatibility: The design includes provisions for using polyester stretch cords to securely mount various items, adding another layer of versatility to your setup (note: cords not included).


  • Fitment: Custom-designed specifically for the Subaru Outback
  • Installation: Quick and easy, with no need for drilling or cutting; maintains use of factory strap points
  • Material: Choose between Raw Aluminum or Powder Coated finishes
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