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EKKO RV Mattress – Compatible Replacement

EKKO RV Mattress – Compatible Replacement

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Upgrade your Winnebago EKKO RV mattress with ease! Introducing the new RoamRest EKKO Replacement Mattress, designed to seamlessly fit with the original shape and angles of your beloved RV.

Personalized Comfort:

  • Customize the individual firmness on both the driver and passenger sides
  • Our high-performance, low-profile foam mattress comes in two comfort options:
    • Medium-Firm: 4 layers of ultimate comfort, including soft conforming foam, cool gel memory foam, performance soft foam, and a supportive base layer
    • Soft: 3 layers crafted for maximum coziness, featuring soft conforming foam, performance medium foam, and a supportive base layer
  • The Center section on all EKKO mattresses is our Soft comfort level
    • Plastic and wood inserts not included

Additional Features:

  • Contoured corners for a perfect fit
  • Foldable center section
  • Soft, breathable polyester blend stretch top fabric for an added layer of comfort
  • Fluid, abrasion, rip resistant and low-slip PVC coated polyester sides and bottom fabric
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water

Upgrade your sleep experience in your Winnebago EKKO RV today with the RoamRest EKKO Replacement Mattress. Comfort and convenience await! See below for set-up instructions.

Driver Side
Passenger Side
Center Section
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